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The ESPL uses Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager and Team Manager to manage the summer swim meets and the information for each swimmer on the individual teams.

For more information, see the Hy-Tek website.

How to generate meet results as an HTML file that can be sent around to the league reps at the end of the meet.

    Meet Manager is capable of converting any of the reports that it generates into HTML files that can be read by Internet explorer ( or any other browser).  Once converted into HTML format, the person reading the file does not have to have Meet Manager to read it.

    Here is an easy way to do it: Open Meet Manager.  Click on "Reports" / "Results" / Then click on "Select All" / "Create Report"

    At this point a screen should open up that contains the image of the results report.  You could print the Results report by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the screen.  (This is what we do at the end of the meet to print a summary of the results.)

    To convert this report into an HTML file, click the icon at the top of the screen that looks like an "envelope" (two icons to the right of the printer icon).  A dialogue box then appears...  Click on the down arrow under "Format" (next to where it says "Character-Separated values").  Scroll down thru the list of possible output formats until you get to "HTML 3.2 Standard".  Leave the Destination box showing "Disk File" as it is.  Then click on OK.

    A new dialogue box will open up asking you where to put the file.  Click on a destination drive letter and directory.  At the bottom of this dialogue box under "File Name" it will say "default.html".  You can change the name to something more descriptive like "FO vs CC 06 28 2008.HTML".  Then click on OK, and the file will be saved to the drive and directory that you selected.  This file is the HTML version of the results that should be sent to all of the league reps after the meet.